I work at the intersection of design and technology to invent new ways of interacting with computers. My goal is to build things that make learning, communicating and creating simpler, easier and more fun.

I come up with ideas, draw pictures, animate and make interactive prototypes using code.

I've worked at Apple since 2007, where I lead the Design and Prototyping team in Human Interface Devices. We are a team of inventors, designers and prototypers working across all of Apple's products to explore what new interfaces mean to our devices, operating systems and applications.

Here are some of the products the team and I have been a part of: For the past few years, my team and I have done sessions at WWDC on design and prototyping. I am also the CEO of Toast Modern, the fictional company that creates toast-related apps and products
Over a decade ago, I wrote a physics library for Processing that some people still use.

Here are some videos of some other things I made a long time ago.

I got married in 2011. Some people wrote about it here and here.

Before all that, I dropped out of a PhD at Princeton, did a masters in music at Stanford and EE/CS in college at the University of Western Ontario.